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Replace Car Registration in Massachusetts

Replacing lost car registration or getting a copy of car registration in Massachusetts is necessary for residents who do not otherwise have the document. Vehicle owners replacing car registration will follow a process set by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) which is a division the Department of Transportation (DOT). Failing to have an up-to-date registration will result in fines and further penalties, including the possibility of having a driver’s license suspended. Losing a registration due to theft, for instance, requires that residents get a replacement in addition to other steps, depending on the situation.

Documents Required To Replace Registration

Obtaining a DMV registration copy means the petitioner must provide the RMV with several necessary pieces of information. Failing to provide this information means vehicle registration replacement is less likely. Required information for a car registration replacement includes:

  • Vehicle registration number.
  • Driver’s license or driver’s license number.
  • Employer Identification Number (EID); for companies only.

Note: The vehicle registration number is also known as the vehicle identification number (VIN). On the registration, this number is typically located in the upper left corner. However, the 17-digit VIN may be found by looking down at the top of the dashboard through the driver’s side


The process to replace vehicle registration includes a fee. Depending on the method in which the car registration replacement request is made, the RMV will accept cash, money order, checks or major credit and debit cards.

How to Replace a Car Registration

Getting a DMV copy of registration is possible in one of three ways. Each method requires information mentioned above such as the vehicle identification number. Additionally, to replace car registration online, applicants will need some extra info while in-person applicants will receive a replacement car registration immediately upon compelling the process. The options for getting a duplicate car registration include:

  • By phone.
  • Online.
  • In person.

Replace Car Registration: By Phone

The RMV lets residents replace car registration by phone. Replacing car registration by phone requires contacting the RMV and providing all requested details. After following the automated system, applicants seeking to replace car registration in MA will speak to an official. State agents will request the name and address of the vehicle owner in addition to information such as applicants’ driver’s license number. In some cases, state officials may ask for the license plate number of the vehicle.

To replace car registration by phone:

Residents in area codes 339, 617, 781, and 857, or outside Massachusetts should call:

(857) 368-8000

Residents in all other area codes within Massachusetts should call:

(800) 858-3926

Hearing impaired residents should TTY at:

(877) 768-8833

Replace Car Registration: Online

Residents can contact the RMV to replace car registration via the internet. The process for how to replace car registration online involves some extra info than the by-phone or in-person process. Additionally, the online process requires a stable internet connection. The system will not save information, so losing connectivity will result in a loss of data and require applicants start over from the beginning. Procedures for online car registration replacement requires that applicants provide the following details:

  • Last four digits of Social Security Number.
  • Driver’s license number.
  • Email Address.

Note: Replacing car registration online limits the available payment methods to credit or debit cards. Applicants should have a card ready to complete the payment process.

Replace Car Registration: In Person

The Registry of Motor Vehicles allows residents to replace car registration in person at any authorized location. Petitioners should arrive at an official location with all the required information in hand. Additionally, officials will request photo identification from applicants as proof of identity. Furthermore, residents should remember to bring with them an acceptable form of payment such as cash or debit card. The process to get a duplicate car registration in person is possible at any of the following locations:

  • RMV Service Centers
  • AAA branches with RMV services provided to members

Note: To replace car registration in MA at an RMV Service Center, officials will accept cash, checks and money orders. However, certain payments vary depending on the particular office location. Call an RMV Service Center ahead of time to discuss which payment methods are accepted.

Note: For leased cars, trucks or motorcycles, the vehicle registration replacement document is mailed to the leasing company within five to seven business days. Only in-person visitors will receive the new registration in hand.

When is replacing car registration required?

Replacing car registration in Massachusetts is necessary whenever the document is lost, destroyed or stolen. Residents driving without an up-to-date vehicle registration risk receiving a penalty from law enforcement. Additionally, failing to have a current registration makes it difficult for vehicle owners to get insurance. Residents should replace vehicle registration as soon as possible.

Reporting Stolen Car Registration

The RMV and DOT require that residents replace car registration in MA if it is lost or destroyed. Additionally, replacing car registration is required if the document is stolen. Driving without a current car registration may result in fines or further penalties by law enforcement. It is vital for residents to report a stolen car registration to the police in order to update records in the system. Such reporting while in the process to get DMV registration copy will decrease the chance that fines are levied. Furthermore, officials require that vehicle owners report a stolen car registration in Massachusetts immediately by calling one of the following numbers:

Residents in area codes 339, 617, 781 and 857 or outside Massachusetts should call:

(857) 368-8000

Residents in all other area codes within Massachusetts should call:

(800) 858-3926

Hearing impaired residents should TTY at:

(877) 768-8833