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How to Change the Address on a Massachusetts Car Title

The need to change the address on car title documents in Massachusetts is something many drivers fail to think about when they move from one residence to another. However, anRMV title change of address is essential and not just because it is part of the state’s vehicle laws.Most motorists are aware of the need to change their addresses in the RMV’s system in general. Some appreciate the need to update their vehicles registrations more specifically.But a large number are unfortunately unaware of the need to separatelyupdate car title address information.

Motorists can submit a title change of address form quickly and easily, keeping them in compliance with Massachusetts law and preventing future issues with the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles. Drivers who do not apply for a car title change of address promptly after moving will be in contempt of the law.They may alsosubject themselves to extensive and possibly prohibitive delays when they find that they need to use their titles for any other purpose. Massachusetts vehicle titles cannot be changed or amended at the same time they are transferred. This means that any vehicle owner who wishes to transfer his or her title to a new state, to sell a vehicle or to apply for a salvage title needs to have an accurate title already on hand before he or she can pursue other transactions.

Failure to submit title and registration address change requests at the same time can result in discrepancies in RMV records that can cause motorists other issues, as well. Fortunately, making a change to your car title address does not have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Massachusetts Car Title Address Form And Documentation Requirements

To update an address on car title documentation with the Massachusetts RMV, drivers need to obtain and fill out the car title amendment form. The amendment form is available from Registry of Motor Vehiclesservice centers or online. It will request basic personally identifying information for the individual to whom the vehicle is titled. Car title change of address applicants will also need common vehicle information such as their vehicle identification and registration numbers, as well as the car’s make, model and year of manufacture to complete the application form. When submitting anew address for car title records, applicants may wish to take a moment and review their titles for any other information that needs to be updated or corrected.

If everything else is in order, then no notarized affidavits or other supplemental documentation will be required. If other items, such as the odometer reading at the time of purchase, are incorrect, then RMV title change addressapplicants should review the form’s instructions as to what other documentation, if any, must accompany the application.

Applying to Change the Address on a Car Title in Massachusetts

EveryMassachusetts RMV title change of address request must include the applicant’s original certificate of title, as copies will not be accepted. Titles that have been damaged, defaced, written on or whited out in any way are also unacceptable. Car title change address applicants who do not have a clean, RMV-issued copy of their car title to submit with the application will need to request and receive a duplicate title before continuing with the application process.

Car title change of address applicants who do possess a satisfactory RMV-issued title for their vehicle must submit their title with the car title address form. To prevent delays and errors, it is essential that applicants who need toupdate address on car titledouble check that they have fully and accurately completed the form and signed it before turning it in. All individuals listed as owners on a vehicle’s title must sign the newcar title address form or it will not be processed.

Completed Massachusetts title address change applications should be mailed to the RMV along with appropriate payment in the form of a check or money order. Alternatively, RMV title change of addressapplicants may take their completed applications to any Registry of Motor Vehicles Service Center. Drivers applyingin person may have additional payment options. RMV Service Centers vary in regards to which types of payment they accept. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, therefore, suggests that motorists call or check online before going to a Service Center to verify which forms of payment their chosen location accepts. Car title change of address applications cannot be submitted online or over the phone.

Receiving Updated Massachusetts Car Titles

Regardless of how applicantsupdate address on car title, they should allow several weeks for their corrected car titles with new address information to be processed and mailed by the RMV. Where the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will mail a corrected title depends on whether or not there are any liens on the title. After a change of address on a car title, the RMV will mail corrected titles directly to applicants who own their vehicles outright. Applicants who financed their vehicles and have not yet paid them off will not receive updated copies of their titles. Instead, the new car titles with changed addressed will be mailed to the vehicles’ lienholders, who will hold onto them until such time as the liens have been paid off. After an appropriate amount of time, applicants may wish to follow up with the lienholders to ensure their revised titles were received.

Massachusetts Vehicle Registration Address Change

Despite common misperceptions, Massachusetts title and registration address changes are not the same thing. Both are necessary by law and they may be addressed in the same visit to a Registry of Motor Vehiclesservice center.However, they constitute different transactions. Separate forms are needed and separate fees will be charged. Updating a vehicle’s registration will not automatically update the vehicle’s title.

Registration address changes are subject to regulations and requirements that do not apply to changing addresses on car titles.For example, registration address change requests must be stamped by licensed Massachusetts insurance agents but no such requirement exists for title changes.

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