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Massachusetts Driving Records

A Massachusetts driving record provides a complete look at your personal driving history. Your personal driving record is maintained by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, otherwise called the RMV or the DMV. A driving record contains information on your driving offenses and drivers license status, among other details about your driving history. Driving records are open to the public, meaning that you can request your own DMV driving record or the record of other drivers in Massachusetts. However, there are some limitations to who can request another driver’s personal information, and in most cases, you must prove that you are eligible to request another motorist’s record. You can request driving records online, in person, over the phone or by mail. To get a drivers record in Massachusetts, you must make a payment and submit a request form. In the sections below, learn why driving records are important, find out how to get a copy of your driving record and learn about the different types of records available in Massachusetts.

Types of Massachusetts Driving Records

There are two types of personal driving records you can request in Massachusetts. First, there is an unattested driving record, which is an informal record meant to be used for personal information. This type of driver record is also commonly referred to as a personal driving history document. Personal driving records do not contain official stamps or seals. The second type of Massachusetts driver record you can request is a true and attested driving record, which is an official copy. You may hear a true and attested MA driver record called a Full Certified Driving History. A true and attested record can be used for official purposes, including court hearings and other legal purposes. A true and attested driving record contains an official stamp and signature of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Before you check driving history records in Massachusetts, decide which type of record you need. If you want to know your personal driving history for informational purposes, then you usually can find all of the information you need on an unattested driving record.

Information Included on a Drivers Record in Massachusetts

Driving records in Massachusetts contain information on criminal and civil driving offenses that you have committed. For example, your personal driving records will indicate whether you have ever been ticketed for speeding, driving under the influence or any other type of traffic infraction. Furthermore, your driving history shows whether you were responsible for causing any car accidents. Your DMV driving history also shows if your driver’s license has ever been suspended due to court convictions or at the discretion of the RMV for administrative reasons. If your drivers license has never been suspended, then your record will simply show the class and current status of your license.

Public Massachusetts driving records only show information that is relevant to driving. For example, your driver record will not show what kind of vehicle you drive, since this information is irrelevant to your driving history. However, your MA driving record does contain information on drug offenses you have committed as well as any warrants that may be out for your arrest for other crimes. Additionally, information on late child support payments may also be included on your record. When someone requests your driving record, information such as this is not released to the public unless the requestor is eligible to see your personal information. Applicants who request public driving records will only see the information that is relevant to driving.

How a Massachusetts Driving Record Affects You

Your Massachusetts DMV driving record can affect you in many ways. Personal driving records can be checked by insurance agents, employers, law enforcement and other state agencies. As such, your personal driving history can affect your insurance rates, your employment prospects and your eligibility for other services. For example, negative information on your MA driving records may make you ineligible to get a job that involves driving.

How to Check Your Driving Record in Massachusetts

To obtain a copy of driving record documents in Massachusetts, you will need to provide your full name, date of birth, drivers license number, address and contact information. When requesting the public driving record of another person in Massachusetts, you will also need to provide his or her name, date of birth, Social Security Number and drivers license number. Lastly, you will need to make a payment for each copy that you have requested.

It is easy to obtain a public driving record copy for yourself online, in person, over the phone or through the mail in Massachusetts. To obtain your drivers record in Massachusetts in person or through the mail, you must complete a form called the Public Driving Record Request Form. A version of this form is also available for online requests. The methods for obtaining a copy of a driving record from the RMV are as follows:

  • Online: Visit the RMV website and complete the request form online.
  • By phone: When calling from area codes 339, 617, 781 and 857, call 857-368-8000. For all other Massachusetts area codes, call 800-858-3926.
  • In person: Visit any RMV service center and submit your request form and payment.
  • By mail: Mail your form and payment to the following address:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

Court Records Department

P.O. Box 55896

Boston, MA 02205

Eligibility for Performing a Massachusetts DMV Record Search on Other Drivers

If you want to obtain Massachusetts driving records that contain personal information on another driver, then you must verify that you are eligible to obtain the records. Typically, driving records with personal information are only available to certain third parties. This can include insurance agents, government agencies, employers and other similar parties. In some situations, you can obtain another individual’s personal driving record if you have obtained his or her express written consent in a notarized letter. To obtain a copy of a Massachusetts driving record for someone else, you must submit a form called the Request for Personal Information in RMV Records.