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Traffic Tickets in Massachusetts

Traffic tickets in Massachusetts are issued to drivers who violate state traffic laws. Traffic violations can be either civil or criminal, but those involving traffic court are classified as civil. Residents do have the option of paying traffic tickets online or by mail, and those who do not believe they deserve a ticket may choose to dispute their violation in court. Many drivers may not know how to fight traffic ticket charges, but there are ways to do this in court. Motorists may need to hire a Massachusetts traffic lawyer who knows how to handle tickets. An experienced traffic court lawyer can provide drivers with the legal guidance and advice they need to win their case. If motorists are considering fighting traffic ticket charges in court, then they should read the following information to learn more about MA laws.

Massachusetts Traffic Violations and Tickets

Massachusetts traffic tickets are often issued to drivers who knowingly or unknowingly violate certain traffic laws. These traffic citations often result in fines and are sometimes accompanied by criminal charges. Most traffic fines do not result in criminal charges, but they can result in court time and high insurance rates. Depending on the circumstances, MA traffic tickets are often issued for the following traffic offenses and infractions:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Failing to stop for an emergency vehicle
  • Making an illegal turn
  • Failure to pass on the right

Traffic citations are issued for a variety of infractions and if a driver fails to adhere to any traffic law, then law enforcement can issue a ticket. Massachusetts traffic tickets can also be issued to drivers on motorcycles, motorized scooters and mopeds. Some traffic violations are more expensive than others and violations that endanger the safety of other drivers carry the heaviest fines.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket in Massachusetts

Drivers who receive traffic tickets in Massachusetts have two legal options at their disposal. They can choose the option “pay speeding ticket online” at the Registry of Motor Vehicles website or send a check for the traffic citation amount to the RMV. Residents must choose the option “pay traffic ticket online” or pay by mail within 20 days or else be subject to additional late fees. When a traffic offender elects to pay the citation, he or she is admitting to violating traffic laws. Citation recipients who fail to pay traffic tickets or show up for their civil hearings will face a variety of legal penalties. If drivers do not pay their traffic fines or show up to court, then the RMV will suspend their licenses until the charge is settled. They will also be forced to pay additional fees and fines. Failing to show up for criminal traffic citations can result in a license suspension, arrest and the denial of state benefits.

If you do not pay speeding ticket penalties, then you will have to go to court. Fighting traffic ticket charges can be difficult without a lawyer and you have a right to retain the services of an attorney. To begin fighting against traffic tickets in MA, you should check the correct box on your citation and send it along with a filing fee to the appropriate District Court. If you do not have the money to pay the filing fee, then you may fill out a waiver and the issue will be addressed at the time of your hearing. After your traffic citation and filing fee is received, the RMV will send you an information packet that will contain the date and time of your hearing.

Fighting Traffic Tickets in Massachusetts

If you choose to fight traffic ticket charges in Massachusetts, then you will have to attend a court hearing. Cases involving traffic citations are overseen by a clerk-magistrate and there are no formal rules regarding evidence. You will present your traffic ticket defense during this time and a representative from the police department will present his or her evidence. You may also present photographs, call and cross-examine witnesses, and submit documents in your defense. Your Massachusetts traffic citation must be paid if you are found guilty.

Hiring a traffic court lawyer to defend you is wise if you elect to fight your traffic ticket. Having a legal professional on your side can increase your chances of winning. If you lose your case, then your insurance company may elect to raise your rates. Fighting traffic tickets may sound futile to many drivers, but there are times when tickets are issued under unusual circumstances. Lawyers can also examine MA traffic citations to find problems and use them to defend their clients.

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