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Legal Services in Massachusetts

DUI and DWI in Massachusetts are serious offenses, and if you have been charged, you may need help from an attorney. DUI penalties range from license suspension to imprisonment, and if you have prior charges, you will be punished more harshly in court. A DUI lawyer may be able to help you get your charges reduced or dismissed, and the right lawyer will be able to provide you with the legal guidance and advice you need.

Child support enforcement in Massachusetts is also a serious matter, and if you need help obtaining child support, a lawyer may be able to assist you. A child support attorney may be able to help you hold the noncustodial parent of your child accountable in court, even if they have refused to pay in the past. Child support lawyers fees may seem high, but many firms offer payment plans to clients. Child support cases can also be highly emotional, and a child support lawyer can offer you a level and unbiased system of legal support.

A Massachusetts traffic court lawyer may also be able to help you fight back against unjust tickets and citations. Traffic tickets can be expensive, and if you pay them without a dispute, your insurance company will more than likely raise your rates. You can fight MA traffic citations by requesting a hearing and working with your lawyer to prove your innocence. Depending on the nature of the offense, you may be able to get your violation dismissed or reduced to one with fewer legal repercussions.

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DUIs in Massachusetts

A charge of DUI and DWI in Massachusetts can have long-lasting effects. DUI penalties can be harsh, and the court system prosecutes offenders aggressively (especially those with multiple convictions).

Child Support Layers in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement office is responsible for collecting and distributing child support payments. The government takes child support orders very seriously, and parents are ...

Traffic Tickets in Massachusetts

Traffic tickets in Massachusetts are issued to drivers who violate state traffic laws. Traffic violations can be either civil or criminal, but those involving traffic court are classified as civil.

Parking Tickets in Massachusetts

Parking tickets in Massachusetts are issued to motorists who violate certain parking laws and regulations. Each city handles parking citations in a different way, but most share a wide variety of similarities.

Traffic Lawyers in Massachusetts

A traffic lawyer in Massachusetts serves to help residents of the state who have committed road violations. Ticket attorneys handle cases for the more than 5 million drivers that take to the roads every day.

DUI Lawyers in Massachusetts

A DUI lawyer or DWI defense attorney in Massachusetts serves to help residents of the state who have committed road violations due to driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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