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DUI Lawyers in Massachusetts

A DUI lawyer or DWI defense attorney in Massachusetts serves to help residents of the state who have committed road violations due to driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. DUI attorneys work on cases involving more than 13,000 people in the state who are arrested every year. An experienced DUI defense lawyer will reduce the penalties related to the incident or even remove some penalties altogether. A good drunk driving lawyer is essential to anyone involved in such a case. Residents should get a DUI lawyer immediately after a violation. However, choosing a DUI attorney should be considered with care because not all lawyers are the same. On the page ahead are details regarding how to get a MA DUI attorney, what drunk driving lawyers can do for potential defendants and the difference between DUI and DWI.

The Difference Between DUI, DWI and OUI

A good DUI defense attorney will understand the subtle differences between a DUI (driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and DWI (driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol). Every state uses the terms in different ways and in some cases, interchangeably. However, in Massachusetts, a DUI lawyer understands that both of these conditions are officially referred to as an OUI or operating under the influence (of drugs and/or alcohol).

How to Find a DUI or DWI Attorney in Massachusetts

The process to finding a DUI defense attorney includes understanding where such attorneys advertise. Additionally, a good DUI attorney will have a trail of reviews or word-of-mouth support. Drunk driving lawyers typically advertise in most major media outlets, making them easy to find. However, residents seeking a DUI lawyer should not select an attorney until comparing several aspects. A lawyer for DUI cases will advertise in the following ways:

  • Billboards, bus stops and other such public spaces
  • Online
  • Newspaper
  • Television and radio

It is important for residents to select a DUI attorney in Massachusetts that provides experienced services at a reasonable price. In some situations, a DUI defense attorney may not charge the full amount for a case unless it is won. Potential beneficiaries of a DWI attorney will want to compare the following traits:

  • Up-front and total cost
  • Experience in DUI/DWI cases
  • Online user reviews or personal references
  • Up-to-date license to practice law in Massachusetts

Note: Only a licensed DUI attorney will be able to present clients in court and make a positive impact on penalties associated with such traffic violations.

Benefits of a DUI Lawyer in Massachusetts

Many residents might wonder “why hire a DUI attorney” to be a part of the case. It is true that a DUI attorney is an additional cost to work on a traffic violation that itself costs money. However, the benefits of getting a DUI defense lawyer outweigh the fee associated with legal help. A drunk driving attorney will represent clients in court, speaking on their behalf to ensure that the procedures of the court are followed precisely. Judges and prosecutors will work closely with a DWI attorney to create terms fair to both parties. Furthermore, a DUI defense lawyer is able to respond to the various notifications and information required by the court. All the actions performed by a DUI attorney aims at removing or reducing penalties associated with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A MA DUI lawyer is able to increase the chance of reversing such penalties as:

  • Suspension or revocation of driver's license or commercial driving license (CDL).
  • Fines.
  • Other tickets associated with the DUI.

Consequences of DUIs in Massachusetts

A DUI attorney in Massachusetts works to reduce or remove penalties associated with being arrested for drunk driving (or under the influence of drugs). Such an arrest includes many severe penalties for drivers which will affect other parts of their lives. For instance, a failed breathalyzer test results in an immediate 30-day suspension of a driver's license. In such a case, the potential for a resident with a suspended license to get to work is reduced. For this reason, finding a DWI attorney is vital for residents. The consequences of not using a MA DUI attorney includes the following:

  • Suspension of revocation of license
  • Paying penalties of between $500 and $5,000
  • Imprisonment for up to two and a half years