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RV Insurance in Massachusetts

Recreational vehicle insurance in Massachusetts is mandatory for anyone who wants to own and operate the types of vehicles within this classification. RV insurance pertains to any motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. Affordable RV insurance is possible through nearly all the same car insurance and motorcycle insurance providers in the state. The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) oversees the rules and regulations governing motor vehicles, including recreational vehicles. The minimum requirements for RV insurance provide a base level of coverage set by the RMV. However, the costs and additional coverage vary greatly depending on the provider. Learn more about how to get recreational vehicle insurance in MA by reading through the sections below.

Types of RV Insurance in Massachusetts

Recreational vehicle insurance functions much the same way as getting car insurance or motorcycle insurance. The RMV sets minimum coverage standards that an owner must have for a vehicle. Additionally, RV insurance may be upgraded with further coverage benefits. The minimum requirements for an RV insurance policy include the following:

  • Personal Injury Protection or PIP ($8,000 per person, per accident)
  • Property damage coverage ($5,000 per accident)
  • Bodily injury to others caused by an uninsured auto ($20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident)

On top of minimum requirements, the best recreational vehicle insurance will include additional coverage options, such as collision to cover the owner’s vehicle, even if he or she is at fault. In the case of recreational vehicle insurance rates and quotes, there are special requirements for non-motorized “trailer type” recreational vehicles. Such types of RV insurance fall under the “limited use” vehicle exemptions.

Note:RV insurance policies will only cover up to a certain percentage of damage. Costs exceeding what insurance covers is expected to be provided by the driver considered at fault.

How to Get RV Insurance in Massachusetts

The average cost of annual premiums for recreational vehicle coverage in Massachusetts varies between motor homes and trailer homes. A vital component of learning to get RV insurance quotes in MA includes comparing rates between companies. Getting multiple RV insurance quotes will help RV owners find a plan that provides the best coverage at the best price for their needs.

Recreational vehicle insurance quotes are available from most major insurance carriers and smaller providers as well. Residents seeking RV insurance can start the search by contacting different companies to get quotes. Contact information for insurance providers is available on public advertisements such as billboards, bus stops and posters or television and radio. Additionally, internet searches turn up results from all major carriers. Online Massachusetts RV insurance tools make comparing policies easy.

The process to get recreational vehicle insurance involves some necessary documents that applicants must provide to agents. To obtain an MA RV insurance policy, owners must usually provide a copy of a valid drivers license, the vehicle registration and/or title and the recreational vehicle’s VIN.

Benefits of RV Insurance in Massachusetts

After learning the answer to the question, “What is RV insurance?” owners will want to understand the benefits of having such coverage. Massachusetts RV insurance is required of all recreational vehicle owners. Residents considering purchasing a motorhome should consider the additional cost of insurance. If purchasing an RV, then new owners should not hesitate to get RV insurance immediately to protect such a valuable new asset. The immediate benefit of RV insurance is peace of mind provided to owners who know that, in the event of an accident, the vehicle is protected. Additionally, the more motorists who get adequate insurance, the better controlled the cost of coverage is for everyone. The benefits of basic recreational vehicle insurance in MA include providing coverage for damage caused by an accident in which the insurer was at fault. Additional coverage will cover more damages and include the vehicle of the owner who is at fault.

Consequences of Not Having RV Insurance in Massachusetts

Driving without an active RV insurance policy in Massachusetts is illegal and may result in additional fines and penalties. Failing to have RV insurance further makes it difficult to maintain a valid license plate and vehicle registration. Residents who do not maintain Massachusetts RV insurance may also risk losing a drivers license. Maintaining insurance will remove the possibility that such a spiral of fines and penalties begins.