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Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Health insurance in Massachusetts is an essential part of living a happy, productive life. Medical insurance plans number in the hundreds and further include the health insurance marketplace with more options for residents. Health insurance covers a wide range of services and procedures. Depending on the plan, MA health insurance might cover all or some of the cost of medical needs. Additionally, depending on individual situations, a penalty for not having medical insurance exists as well. It is vital that residents get medical insurance and understand as much about coverage as possible. Learn valuable information regarding affordable health insurance, where to find health insurance quotes, about health insurance enrollment and more.

Requirements for Health Insurance in Massachusetts

The process to get medical insurance coverage involves policies providing the Minimum Creditable Coverage or MCC. The MCC refers to the bare minimum coverage that an adult resident of Massachusetts must have to be considered insured. Otherwise, individuals who have policies that do not meet the MCC may face financial penalties. The minimum requirements for a medical insurance plan in Massachusetts include:

  • No caps on total benefits regarding particular illnesses in a 12-month period.
  • Physician visits regarding preventative care that carry no deductible.
  • Comprehensive coverage that includes such items as doctor visits, emergency services, prescription drug coverage and more.
  • A cap on annual deductibles (up to $4,000 per family).
  • Caps on annual maximum out-of-pocket costs.

Where to Find Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Getting health insurance is an important step for residents to make sure that the cost of health-related needs does not spiral out of control. Additionally, having medical insurance in MA provides a peace of mind that no other type of insurance can provide. For instance, residents without medical coverage cannot risk even simple trips to a doctor because the cost of a visit or possible prescriptions or procedures might be too high. Get health care today and take advantage of benefits that will help improve the health of your household. Finding affordable health insurance in Massachusetts is possible through a variety of sources. For instance, the internet provides a doorway into hundreds of insurance policies. Additionally, online services make it easy to compare health insurance policies with one another so that a family picks the best one. In addition to the internet, other avenues to learn about different health insurance providers include:

  • Newspapers, including advertisements in various sections.
  • Billboards and other public print ads.
  • Television and radio advertisements.

Note:Health insurance enrollment through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace shifts between open and closed periods. During closed periods, immediate enrollment is not possible or will not count for the calendar year.

Benefits of Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Finding the right medical insurance plan provides a host of benefits for the insured. In addition, health insurance coverage creates a better, more affordable marketplace across the state. Residents with medical coverage will face lower co-payments when visiting a doctor. Or, as some plans provide, the co-pay may be higher, but the cost of lab work and other procedures is lower. Health insurance has several moving parts and having the right plan provides the benefit of experiencing better general health. Additionally, the more people who have used a Massachusetts medical insurance plan, the better the system functions overall as costs remain steady, and emergency rooms are more efficient from a decline in people requiring such services.

Penalties for Failing to Have Health Insurance in Massachusetts

It is not hard to understand why health insurance is so vital to living a happy and productive life. However, to find the right health insurance still means an additional cost for households. A recent change in federal policy regarding medical insurance plans introduced what is known as the “Individual Mandate.” Made possible by the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, the mandate dictates that all residents 18 or older, who can afford and obtain health care coverage do so. Failing to fulfill the Individual Mandate means residents will face a yearly penalty that could reach into the thousands. In addition to penalties, the major consequence of not having health insurance involves the extreme prices facing residents who need even the simplest medical care.

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