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Driver Tests Overview in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts drivers test must be taken by any state resident who wishes to obtain their license. The test consists of a written drivers exam, vision test and behind-the-wheel road test, all of which will be used to evaluate your ability to safely drive a motor vehicle. The drivers license test may be taken at a local RMV office, and there is a fee associated with testing and receiving a license.

The MA drivers ED test is slightly different for drivers under the age of 18. These drivers will be required to complete additional requirements prior to testing, and they will need the permission of an authorized adult to take the test. A drivers license exam is also offered to residents who wish to obtain a commercial or motorcycle license. Before heading to the RMV office, read the following information to learn more about the written and road tests in the state of MA.

Taking a Vision Test Before the Massachusetts Drivers Ed Test

Before taking the drivers ed test in Massachusetts, you will be required to pass a state-mandated vision test. The driving exam vision test does not have to be taken at an RMV office, and applicants may take the test at the office of an ophthalmologist or optometrist of their choosing. If the applicant fails to pass the drivers exam vision test, they will need to take the necessary steps to correct their vision, such as wearing contacts or glasses, prior to taking the road test. Before the drivers test, have a physician complete the Class D and M Vision Screening Certificate and submit to the RMV office.

The Massachusetts Written Drivers Exam

You may take the Massachusetts written drivers exam at the RMV office when you first receive your permit. The written drivers test must be successfully completed before a person can earn a permit or take the road test. The written drivers exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions that cover topics such as road signs, alcohol misuse, traffic violations and suspensions, and individuals must answer at least 18 questions correctly to pass. Written driving exams are taken on computers, and the program uses visuals as reference points during the test. Before taking the actual test, residents will have the option to answer a variety of practice questions to gauge their level of preparedness.

During the written DMV drivers exam, you may not use any type of reference materials, and the following items are banned from the testing area at all times:

  • Electronic devices (such as cell phones)
  • Hats and other head coverings (unless for medical or religious reasons)
  • Headphones or audio devices

Attempting to cheat during the driving exam will result in a driver not being able to earn a permit or license for at least 60 days. The written drivers exam is also available in 34 different languages.

Massachusetts Drivers License Test Requirements for Minors

To take the drivers license test in Massachusetts, you must have maintained a clean driving record for as long as you have had your permit if you are under the age of 18. You may not take the drivers test if have had any at-fault accidents or moving violations in MA or any other state. You may not take the drivers license exam if you have had your permit suspended for or been convicted of any alcohol or drug-related offenses in any state. If a permit holder does not have a clean driving record, they must wait at least six months until they can begin to establish a new one or wait until they turn 18 years old.

Before Taking a Drivers Test in Massachusetts

To take a drivers test in Massachusetts, citizens must complete a Class D Road Test Application. This drivers license test application must be completed, and applicants should already be in possession of a permit. Drivers may take the drivers license exam if they are under the age of 18, but they must have an application that is signed by their parent, guardian or boarding school headmaster. The person signing the application must present documentation to prove their identity at the time of the test.

Anyone who wishes to take a DMV drivers test in MA, will need to bring a sponsor to the DMV. A drivers exam sponsor must be at least 21 years old and be licensed to operate a motor vehicle in their home state. The sponsor must also have at least one full year of continuous driving experience.

Massachusetts Drivers License Test Vehicle Requirements

To take the drivers test in Massachusetts, residents will need to have a vehicle of their own that satisfies RMV requirements. The driving exam can only be taken in a vehicle with a valid inspection sticker and current registration. The drivers license exam vehicle must be properly insured according to the state minimum requirements ($5,000 for property damage and $20,000/$40,000 for bodily injury). The vehicle should also have a working parking brake that is accessible to both the driver and examiner. There should be enough room in the vehicle for the examiner to beside the driver. During the drivers ED test, the sponsor may sit in the back seat of the vehicle.

Individuals may only take the DMV driving test a total of six times within a year-long period. If a driver wishes to use a rented vehicle to take the road test, they will need to present a letter of permission from the rental company to the RMV office at the time of the test.

Scheduling and Taking the Massachusetts Drivers Test

A Massachusetts driving exam may be scheduled online at the RMV website. To schedule a drivers test online, applicants will be required to enter their name, birth date, permit number and Social Security number into the system. The DMV drivers test fee must also be paid online at the time of scheduling, and if you are under the age of 18, you must have completed all the applicable Junior Operator License requirements prior to your test. If you are unable to make it to the test or you need more time to prepare, you may also use the same online system to cancel your appointment or change it to a different date. You may also schedule a drivers ED test by phone if you do not have access to the internet. To do this, call the MA RMV Contact Center and make an appointment.

The drivers examination will gauge your ability to properly and safely operate a motor vehicle. The drivers license test examiner will be tasked with evaluating your performance, and he or she will take note of your ability to:

  • Enter and exit intersections.
  • Properly use turn signals.
  • Adhere to the posted speed limit.
  • Parallel park.
  • Utilize good driving sense.

The drivers exam will also test your ability to understand and predict the actions of other motorists. Once you pass the DMV drivers test, you may apply for your driver’s license.