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How to Obtain ID Cards in Massachusetts

You may need an ID card in Massachusetts if you do not have a valid license, as your DMV ID card can be used to verify your identity. Additionally, there are various ways to renew and replace your card. If your lost ID card cannot be found or if it is stolen, then the Registry of Motor Vehicles can help prevent another person from using it to complete transactions. Some residents can choose the option “renew ID card online,” but others must visit an office. You must apply for ID card credentials in person if you are a new MA resident and the RMV does not have your personal information or photograph on file yet.

Eligibility for a Massachusetts ID Card

There are two types of Massachusetts identification cards offered by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The ID card serves as a form of primary identification for residents who do not hold a drivers license. Eligibility for a DMV identification card requires residents to meet the following standards:

  • Be a permanent resident of Massachusetts.
  • Be at least 14-years-old.
  • Not have a valid license.
  • Have a Social Security Number or a denial letter from the Social Security Administration.

There is also an MA ID-card available for individuals who only need to verify their age to purchase alcoholic beverages. To obtain a Massachusetts Liquor ID Card, residents will need to prove they meet the above eligibility standards as well. However, they must be a minimum of 21 years of age instead.

Note: You do not need an MA ID card if you have a valid out-of-state ID card or drivers license.

Where to Apply for an ID Card in Massachusetts

You must apply for ID card credentials in person at an RMV office in your area. You cannot apply for identification cards online or by mail, even if you have been a long-time resident of the state. You may obtain a Massachusetts ID card from your local RMV without making an appointment.

To apply, fill out a Class D, M, or D/M License and ID Card Application and take it to your local RMV office. To get a DMV ID card, you must provide proof of residency, birth date, signature and Social Security Number. An MA identification card will only be issued to residents who are able to verify the previously mentioned details using original documents. There is a new ID card processing fee, which can be paid using a check, money order or major credit card. You may need to bring multiple verification documents since the RMV only allows residents to use a single document for each verification purpose. Before completing an ID card application, you can view a list of acceptable verification documents at the official RMV website. The office will issue you a temporary card to use until your real card arrives in the mail.

Renewing ID Card Online in Massachusetts

Your Massachusetts ID-card will expire after five years and will need to be renewed. You may not renew ID card credentials to purchase liquor, and if you have this type of identification, you must re-apply for a new card every five years. There is an ID card online renewal process available to some residents, but others will need to renew in person. To renew an ID card online in Massachusetts, you must know your ID card or Social Security Number. You cannot renew ID cards online if you do not have access to this information. If you are eligible to renew your ID card online, then you may utilize the RMV online system and provide the required information. There is an ID card application processing fee that you must pay and once you complete the online process, the RMV will send you a new card in five to seven days.

Renew ID Card in Massachusetts in Person

To renew an ID card in Massachusetts in person, you will need to visit your local RMV office. Take the completed DMV ID card application, along with proof of MA residency, birth date and signature, as well as the renewal fee to the office. If you want your ID card to have a veteran status indicator, then you will need to bring military forms DD-214 and DD-215 (showing an honorable discharge), as well as an honorable discharge form.

Replace a Stolen or Lost ID Card in Massachusetts

To replace ID card credentials online, you should visit the RMV website and utilize the system to determine your eligibility. If you are deemed eligible, then you will need to input the necessary ID card information and pay the processing fee using a major credit card. After replacing your Massachusetts ID card online, you will receive a new card in the mail. To replace an ID card by phone, you should call the RMV contact center and answer their questions. To replace your ID card in person, you should visit your local RMV office and take the duplicate MA ID online application, as well as the replacement fee.

Before you replace Massachusetts ID card credentials in person, you should complete and submit a Request for Activity Hold Add/Remove form to the RMV. You must provide your ID card number and Social Security Number. If you do not have access to your ID card number, then contact the RMV by phone. If you want to replace a lost ID card, then you should indicate that it was lost, but if it was stolen, you may include the name and address of the person who stole it, if that information is known. You should also tell the RMV if someone has attempted to use your MA identification card to perform an RMV transaction and provide your contact information so the RMV can contact you about any unusual activity. The RMV will replace your ID card and after the form is processed, it will suspend all transactions using your old ID. The Enforcement Services branch of the RMV will contact you once your request is fully processed.